What is Toubanyoku?

A therapeutic treatment inducing Hyperthermia with antioxidant properties to treat oxidative stress, promote white blood cells, emit negative ions and more benefits.

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How can Toubanyoku Help Me?

Toubanyoku’s primary function is improving the body’s own immunity and accelerate natural healing powers. It is not a panacea for modern illnesses, but works as a boosting agent that strengthens the immune system to fight off diseases. 

Oxidative stress – imbalance between free radicals containing active oxygen and uneven electrons in the body – causes a variety of health ailments by damaging the DNA and producing inflammation within the body (Sies, Berndt, & Jones, 2017). Toubanyoku combats this condition by warming up the core temperature and infusing the body with antioxidants.

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At a Glance

“Toubanyoku” (陶板浴) is the Japanese word for “hot-tile bath”.  The room temperature is between 40°C and 42°C and the ceramic floor temperature is between 45°C and 50°C.

Some of the Benefits of Toubanyoku:

  • Cancer
  • Circulatory & Immunity Disorders
  • Connective Tissue Disease
  • Heart & Kidney Diseases
  • Hepatitis C and B
  • Diabetes
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Parkingson Diseases
  • ALS
  • Depression & Sleep Disorders
  • Allergies & Topic Dermatitis
  • Chronic Pain, Bruises, Fractures and Injuries
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Weight Loss

The History of Toubanyoku

Bedrock bathing originated in China and this method of treating diseases and de-stress the body has existed for thousands of years. In Japan, bedrock bath in first started in Tamagawa Hot Spring in Akita where it has since become very popular among many Japanese since the Edo period.

Unlike other conventional methods of inducing rapid rises in core body temperatures (e.g., saunas), the antioxidant-rich Toubanyoku promotes less sweating due to its controlled humidity (20%) and temperature (~42°C). The system eliminates active oxidation stress caused by environmental pollutants and enhances immunity in the warm, non-toxic air environment. Unlike sauna, Toubanyoku is safe for all generations promoting comfort and relaxation.

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